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A Realm Reborn - release in the summer of 2013?

Le 25 March 2014, 08:25 dans Humeurs 0

A few days ago confessed Square Enix one that you in the development of " Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn "already missed one or other milestone. In addition to this now makes the assumption wide that the revised version of the online role-playing game might not appear until the summer of 2013.

This gave Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida in the context of the current round of questions to understand. However, nothing is set in stone in this respect, because you first want to evaluate the feedback to the last internal testing. End of the month or early December, the leaders want to present the latest development plan.

Just recently they released a new gameplay video from the alpha to "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn", which ye at this point can lead to heart.

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what are the hard mode drops

Le 18 March 2014, 08:34 dans Humeurs 0

FFXIV Power Leveling


Well, really, any Leviathan is more Leviathan. But I've got a pattern going here with names.

Leviathan is an interesting case to me because the big snake's loot table is going to be very problematic. There aren't many places to go with it. If he's going to be tuned any harder than King Mog, he needs to drop better weapons, but at the same time the next step up from Mog is Titan with his level 80 weapons. So what are the hard mode drops?

There are two options, as I see it. The first is that all of the cosmetic upgrades come from Hard, and the weapons drop from Extreme at iLevel 90-95. The second is that the weapons are actually equivalent to Titan on Hard and Extreme drops evenbetter weapons along with the cosmetic stuff. Extreme could also drop accessories, but that doesn't seem super likely to me.

What the fight will actually entail is still the subject of speculation, although many people have (wisely) guessed that it will play into Leviathan drenching people, since one of the quality-of-life features included in 2.2 is more visible moisture when you get wet. If it's anything like King Mog or Ultima, I am beyond down with it, since both of those fights are an absolute blast without being insanely punishing.

More tomestones

This I have mixed feelings on. I really, really want the first expansion to not feature an enormous item jump a la World of Warcraft; I blame no one for this, but I'd rather have my level 70 characters in level 70 gear barring endgame upgrades and the like. At the same time, this stuff can only go so wide horizontally, and as the endgame keeps expanding, it seems like an inevitability. Plus, I do like getting cute new gear.

Based on concept art, I imagine we'll essentially have Darklight 2 on vendors. I'm also going to guess that the myth cap will be relaxed further, either to 600 a week or removed entirely, and these new tomes will be the bonus reward for roulettes with a hard weekly cap of 300. That ensures that progression into the new tier is still on the slower side while still avoiding the problem at launch of having one dungeon to farm repeatedly; doing a high-level roulette is still rewarding for everyone this way. Locking the new tomes solely behind Coil/Amdapor Township is just asking for (and receiving) trouble.

My biggest question is whether or not we'll be able to upgrade our relics again. I've gone on record as not being a fan of how the relics look; I think they're largely unattractive items except for the screamingly weird Artemis Bow and the functional-if-boring Bravura. Still, I can make the argument both ways about upgrading them. You want a reason for people with relics to get new gear; you also want the relics to feel like an investment. Time will tell.


Pictured: The mount I really want.

More beast tribes


Kobolds and Sahagin will get quests, we will get reputation, mounts will be had, yawn and yay. Yawn insofar as I've done this dance, but yay insofar as I really like the lore bits that accompany the tribe quests, and I look forward to learning more. Plus, more dyes and the like. That'll be fun.


Oh yes, this is what I like.

What will it involve? No idea. What will be required of crafters? No idea (although I'm glad that I already have both Weaver and Armorsmith at cap). How many restrictions will be in place regarding changing looks? Still no idea.

Do I care? Well, yes, only insofar as I have a vague fear that this is going to be royally mismanaged in the same vein as housing costs. But I am all about cosmetic sets.


The biggest risk here is that there are heavy restrictions in place for what can be worn on the premise of preserving the "look" of classes. This is really silly. Yes, Paladins have an iconic look, but the whole point of these systems is creating an iconic character look, even if it's at odds with the expected appearance. This is a chance for dyes, crafted equipment, vanity pieces, and the like to really come into their own. If people want their PLD AF2 to look like the Reindeer outfit, let 'em go for it. That's half the fun. Read more information by visit: Final Fantasy XIV Powerleveling

Square-Enix Launches Beta Test Application Site

Le 12 March 2014, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

Square Enix is pleased to announce today the kickoff of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test. Beginning December 16th, visitors to the game’s official website may apply to participate in one of the planned Beta phases. By taking part, applicants will be one step closer to obtaining a sneak peek at one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2010, and the unknown realm of Eorzea.

FINAL FANTASY XIV is planned for simultaneous global release in 2010 on both the PlayStation®3 and PC (for Windows®) platforms, with language support in Japanese, English, French and German.

The application process for the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test will begin on December 16th, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. (PDT). Visit for more details on the Beta recruitment program, as well as to view the latest assets, game details and information surrounding the upcoming launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV.


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